Mono-Block paving has developed one of the most popular ways to improve the presence of driveways, paths, and even patios. The development in the market for this type of paving has also been powered by a big increase in the number of suppliers – which has also led to a reduction in price bringing it into the reach of almost everyone. Today, there is a huge range of driveway and additionally patio block paving shapes, thicknesses. Also, there are colors to suit almost every application. It also enables you to get just the look and feel you want.

The monoblock is so hard-wearing and yet multipurpose enough to be appropriate to enhance your paths and driveways. Our cost-effective mono block paths and driveways are a verified asset to any building. It will add value to your property while creating a strong first impression of your home.


There are many different colors and styles of monoblock stone to select from. We can plan your driveway or patio project to your exact stipulations. Although we will counsel of anything that we think could benefit or improve your mono block driveway. However, before we really set about designing your monoblock driveway with you. There are factors you should take into consideration that will have a direct influence on your mono block driveway. We really make and sensible recommendations or suggestions. This will ensure our experts provide you with a driveway design solution that suits your home’s surroundings and your budget.


SCL Driveways Yorkshire only uses the highest quality monoblock stones that are specifically manufactured for the hard-wearing life that our monoblock patios, driveways, or paths face. With a variety of options, SCL Driveways Yorkshire experts will carefully guide you into selecting the right stone for your specific driveway, path, or patio. For all driveway and mono blocking work, we provide a free planning and design service to ensure you have the perfect driveway to suit your property and surroundings.

SCL Driveways Yorkshire offers you high-quality products made from high-quality goods which give you durability, reliability, and high performance. Safe Driveways offers you services in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We offer you driveway, surface dressing, monoblock, tarmacing, road surfacing, patios, car parks, drainage work, commercial work, resin, and pothole repairs.

Block pavement is a favorite to many of us. Not only that it makes a pattern over the floor but gives banking to the edges of your walls. One of the most well-liked methods for enhancing the appearance of driveways, walkways, and even patios is mono-block pavement. This sort of paving market growth has also been fueled by a significant rise in suppliers, which has also resulted in price reductions that have made it affordable for practically everyone. There is a wide variety of driveway and patio block paving forms and thicknesses available today. Additionally, there are hues for practically any use. You can also achieve exactly the look and feel you like.