Artificial Lawn

Recreational lawns

SCL Driveway Yorkshire installs and additionally supplies the best fake turf on the market. Artificial lawn services is used in a variety of purpose, thanks to its unique flexibility. Our products are here to transform any outdoor or indoor area. These products here to change the outlook of children’s play areas, balconies, gardens, roof terraces and also courtyards. In the end, we create solutions so that you can relax and entertain friends and family year-round.


The reason you should artificial lawns is that development in artificial grass offers remarkably natural-looking alternatives to real lawns. Fake grass takes away maintenance woes. It also gives you the perfect look lawn. Artificial turf is also extremely tough, durable, and safe. That’s why it is such a popular choice for sports complexes, schools, residential owners, and commercial business buildings. We recommend you fit a shock pad base underneath the lawn. You can also add extra safety elements for children’s sports and playtime in your garden.

About Team

Our team is highly skilled in providing surfacing solutions and the most competitive price maintenance packages. Therefore, SCL Driveways Yorkshire, offers you high quality products made from high quality goods. Our products gives you durability, reliability and also high performance. Safe Driveways offers you services in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We offer you driveway, surface dressing, mono block, tramacing, road surfacing, patios, car parks, drainage work, commercial work, fencing, cobblestone work, line marking, pathways, walls construction, resin, pot hole repairs and artificial lawn services.

The greatest recreational turf on the market is installed and supplied by SCL Driveway Yorkshire. Due to its exceptional adaptability, artificial lawn services are employed for a range of purposes. Any indoor or outdoor space can be transformed with the help of our goods. These items are here to alter the appearance of courtyards, balconies, gardens, and roof terraces for kids. 

Finally, we develop solutions that enable you to unwind and host family and friends all year round.

You should choose artificial lawns since advances in synthetic grass provide surprisingly realistic-looking substitutes for actual lawns. Maintenance issues are eliminated by fake grass. It also provides you with an ideal-looking lawn. Additionally, artificial turf is very strong, resilient, and secure.